Presenter // Moderator


Mark Wijsman is an experienced presenter, moderator and host for live events, corporate films, podcasts and webinars. He enjoys researching new subjects and possesses a keen intuition. Whether you require sharp analytical interviews or light informal moderating, Mark is adaptable to any situation. His subject interest is comprehensive, but he is well versed in the fields of technology and innovation, artificial intelligence, communication and sustainability.

Mark studied Communication Sciences at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and spent several years working abroad in content marketing. Thereafter, he developed his creative career both in front as well as behind the camera in Cape Town, New York and Amsterdam. He also presented a weekly radio show in South Africa.

Mark is fully bilingual, and available as a presenter in both Dutch and fluent English. For charities and NGO’s, Mark offers a reduced rate.

Happy clients

Dubai Expo Start - Ministry of Foreign Affairs

“After a flying start during the hybrid NL Partner Event, I collaborated with Mark for the second time during the Expo Start Event. Mark is very interested in the topics and prepares well. He responds well to unexpected situations and maintains calm. Qualities that are very pleasant to work with. Mark is a very professional host, highly recommended and also just a pleasant person!” – Patty Loos, Netherlands Enterprise Agency

Onboard Amsterdam 2023

“This year Mark was the moderator of Onboard Amsterdam, an HR event with approximately 800 visitors. With his presentation skills, commitment and knowledge of HR, he was the ideal choice. The collaboration was very nice: Mark likes to think about how the presentation – and the event itself – can be even better, and is easily accessible for questions. We have already booked him for next year!” – Jessica Heijmans, Content Marketing Manager, Appical

The Oval Office, Creative Agency

“Mark is now a well-known face in our organization. For both internal projects and for our customers (Randstad, Thuisbezorgd). A man with many talents: a fluent English voice-over or a sparkling performance as a charming moderator. Due to his interest in the content, he knows how to carry out a live broadcast. He is strong in 1:1 interviews, interacts with viewers in a cheerful and approachable way, and knows how to direct the show with humor. Don’t book him too often, because then he will have less time for us.” – Patricia Vergeer, Creative & MT Member

Amsterdam Economic Board - Tomas Event

“Mark hosted a Tomas event for us last Friday for the third time and we received so many compliments that I put it on my to do list to also let you know. Super enthusiastic responses and in addition to the responses from our guests – who also mentioned it to Mark during the event – we are also very satisfied and happy with Mark’s efforts and his knowledge that fits seamlessly with the subject!” – Rolinka Kok

Insight Enterprises - Cybersecurity Talkshow

“The event was very successful and we were very happy with Mark. He is extremely professional, well prepared and very pleasant to work with!” – Esther Stam

World Press Freedom Conference 2020

“Mark was the host of our session on Digital Rights. It was particularly challenging because guest speakers were calling in from around the world and some had issues with their connections. But Mark with his professionalism and ability to improvise kept a good spontaneous flow to the session despite all the technical glitches. Couldn’t ask for a better host.” – Hounaz Beheshti, RNW Media

Mpac Langen, Gobsmacked Creative Agency

“Without Mark, our live event would never have been so successful. 2 days and 4 long sessions entirely in English, with constantly changing table guests and also a very technical subject. Mark effortlessly set the pace, kept the energy in the table conversations high and had prepared himself very well in a short time. It went so well that this customer planned new live sessions soon afterwards, with Mark as host again. A very professional presenter, highly recommended and just a very nice person.” – Ian Piepenbrock, Creative Director

Week of the Future, Municipality of Breda

“Mark made an important contribution to the success of our event. He prepared very well in a short time and had an eye for all the details that are important to us as a client. He has the ideal mix that a good chairman needs; a calm appearance, focus, speaking clear language (and effortlessly switching to English), cheerfulness, putting people at ease, adaptability and appropriate humor.“ – Nadine Gooiers

Kadans Innovation Summit 2023

“Mark is a very nice moderator to work with. He has a lot of knowledge about different matters, is curious, genuinely interested and knows how to empathize with people. This makes him the ideal host for any type of event; whether it is a festive opening of a new building or an Innovation Summit with various keynotes, panel discussions and sub-sessions. Mark knows how to steer the various conversations in the right direction with the right enthusiasm!” – Amelie van Dongen, Kadans Science Partner

ING Private Banking

“Mark was the face of our internal communication about collaboration and knowledge sharing. He did this with verve. Mark also co-hosted our internal knowledge event. In this role he talked the various parts together and interviewed colleagues in an enthusiastic and funny way. His improvisation talent also came to light during this event.“ – Dyon Groen in ‘t Wout

Schiphol Cargo Video Serie

“I have had the opportunity to direct Mark three times for three different projects: Schiphol, ING and Randstad. As a presenter, he managed to give all the characters their own character. His commitment, competence and a good dose of humor make him a really relaxed guy to work with. Just sit back and enjoy the show.” – Michiel ten Kleij, Director